Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Very Special Message...

Over the past few months, as I have developed the book version of Nothing is Right, I have been privileged to watch my idea for a novella made up of loosely-related short story episodes develop into a full-length (67,000-word) novel.

During my writing process, I have not changed the sample chapters or stories page, because I wasn't sure how things would end up. I'm happy to say that now, I have updates. Secret Santa is no longer in the book. It will remain free forever as a stand-alone story on this page.

Nothing is Right has been replaced by the first two chapters from the book. The short story version will never be distributed again, but the book's sample chapters will remain here. I'm in final edits now, so these two chapters are exactly what you'll get in the book in a few weeks.

Sample Chapters:
Nothing is Right

Short Stories: 
Secret Santa
more coming soon...