Monday, November 19, 2012

Nothing is Right

UPDATE 5/21/13: Nothing is Right is now in the Smashwords catalog. I've added the link below.

My first novel, Nothing is Right, is about an autistic boy's experiences in first grade. Set in the 1980s, it depicts the internal experience of a child who was not "impaired enough" to be diagnosed yet, but who nonetheless has real problems navigating his world. Clay goes into the first grade with no expectations other than those instilled in him by watching television and no friends. In the beginning, he's not sure whether he has no friends because his parents haven't let him make friends or because there's something wrong with him. He soon finds out that there might be nothing wrong with him, but that nothing is right either.

You can order Nothing is Right in paperback through the Createspace store at this link. The page design is a little wonky, I know. It's not my site.

The ebook version is available here and is currently an Amazon Kindle exclusive (it's also available on Smashwords now). Amazon will also be carrying the paperback once it gets through their approval process. They have the paperback now. I've been assured that it is linked to the ebook listing. If you don't see it right away on the ebook link, click on "My Page" above.

Also, here's the page. If you're not into, you can also buy it on Smashwords. If everything is good with the formatting there, it will also get distributed (through them) to most other major eBook outlets (Apple, B & N, Kobo, etc.).

As the book becomes available in more places, I will be adding links to this page.