Thursday, January 24, 2013

NOTHING IS RIGHT this weekend and a new project

Hi everyone,

I'm posting this to make two announcements: Nothing is Right (link to the right) is going to be free on on Sunday and Monday. If you haven't grabbed a copy yet, or if you know someone who might want to check it out, pass this message forward. This is going to be the last free giveaway event for this book, because I have decided to stop participating in the Kindle Select program for now. It's been a good tool for me as a writer, but I want to be able to bring it to other platforms.

If you've already read the book, I could use some more reviews on Amazon (or on your blogs). If you grab it during this giveaway and you like it, then please consider leaving me a review once you've read it. The reviews do a lot for my ranking and recommendations, and they make my book more visible.

The second reason I'm posting today is because I have finally gotten traction on a new project, and I wanted to announce it. My next book will be a novella (50-125 pages) about a woman who wakes up after a car accident to discover that she has been transferred into an artificial body by her husband. It's a bit different from my first book, but I'm excited to be telling a different kind of story.

The story travels through the point of view of her husband's colleagues in the lab and her family, including her daughter, constructing Lynn from their perceptions of her as she wakes in this new body. Finally, it brings us into her point of view as she tries to grapple with changes in herself that she can not ignore.

Based on where I'm at in this first draft, this might turn into an ongoing series that explores both near-future science fiction (cyborgs, AI, nanotechnology) and gender. I don't have a solid release date yet, but I will be making my Monday essay this week a longish (1000 words) treatment of the story, so that everyone can see where I'm going.

The main reason I'm scheduling this as my next project is that I am simply too busy this semester to write an entire novel, and I want a project that I feel I can finish before summer starts. If you're looking for the sequel to Nothing is Right, I am planning to work full-time on it from May until the end of August, and then part-time until it is finished. I'm hoping to have it out in late autumn or early winter, in time for the one-year anniversary of the debut of Nothing is Right.

Last but not least, I'm on Facebook now. You can visit me here: I'll have a permanent clickable on my sidebar in a couple of days when I get the chance to put it up.