Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Short Hiatus

I need a break. Really and truly, and I hate that I've only been blogging on a weekly/bi-weekly basis for less than six months, but it's happened.

I took an over-full-time load of classes this semester in order to deal with some personal financing/planning issues, and I'm in the last month before finals right now, and I just need to focus on work. I haven't had time to work on my next novel in six weeks, and I'm finding myself looking back at this blog and wondering why I haven't posted yet, but also doing it five minutes before bed every night.

If I find links to share, like I did with Dana's post a couple of weeks ago, I'll put updates with short comments. Other than that, though, I'm going inactive until May 1. At that point, my summer schedule will be running, and I will start doing regular essays and articles again.

Have a happy April! - Mike