Sunday, June 2, 2013

Don't Tell Me About Your Values

Don't tell me about your values,
They are written large across your life
In vivid, multi-dimensional portraits that protrude
From each individual choice made in a day.

Don't profess to me your virtues,
If they are invisible and escape my sight,
Then the glaring light of pretty words will not prove them true,
But will scatter shadows and drive them all away.

I see in every choice the emphasis you choose to place
On family, unity, honesty, gender, freedom, and race.

Do make your words a looking-glass,
To examine each action's intent,
Interrogate your ideas, seek flaws, admit mistakes,
And bring out, steadily, yourself seen in your mind.

Please do not make them to hold fast
To rationalizations that have bent
Truth to predilections you prefer others always take
As unquestionably requisite, though unkind.

I may not read sincerity or guile written on your face,
But the expressions in your choices are not hard for me to place.