Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm on Break--Here's Your Homework Reading

I'm putting the finishing touches on Mirror Project right now, so I don't have a ton of time to blog unless I want to push the release date for the new book back into October. While I'm not writing blog posts, though, some very interesting people are.

Over at Time to Listen, Neurodivergent K is talking about walking in her shoes, the problem of being "indistinguishable" from our peers, and more autistic kids being murdered.

Aspiemusings is talking about stepping outside of her comfort zone.

Ariane at Emma's Hope Book is hosting several conversations, one on violence and one on medications.

Brenda over at Mama Be Good is saying what I've been thinking about behavior management programs while also finding time to talk about the role of frustration.

Finally, the Autism Wars are posting about disability and injustice.

Outside of the autism blogosphere, The Crommunist Manifesto runs with the injustice topic by relating racism to a zombie plague outbreak. He's not the only one who's working on injustice this week, either. Ally Fogg at Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men adds his 2 cents to the Friday the 13th observation by reanimating Emma Goldman. Dana Hunter runs down the problem with Richard Dawkins' comments about sexual abuse by signal-boosting one of Freethoughtblogs' better commenters, and Olivia Benson tops if off by giving us 10 better commandments.

Hopefully, these readings will keep you busy until I get the next chapter of Defiant up. Shortly after that, Mirror Project will finally be available.