Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's the Night of the Living Stim #LvngStm #FF

There are some absolutely fantastic bloggers getting together tonight to talk about, post about, and generally celebrate the act of stimming. Unfortunately, I'm a little busy and unable to finish an essay myself, but you should all take advantage of the lack of things to read from me by reading things from them. You can get a list of the participating bloggers here, or you can join in on the #LvngStm hashtag. GO NOW. DO IT.

Also, if you're finding this post on Friday, I'm sorry but Defiant is going to be delayed this week due to day job concerns. Take advantage of the delay to go to the link for the event and to #FF and read all of the participants from last night. I'll be in touch with more of Clay Dillon's story just as soon as I can be (and hopefully that will be before the end of the weekend).