Monday, December 16, 2013

Crawling Out from Under My Rock

I'm just posting to clear the air a little. It's finals. I am teaching 5 classes, one of which is an accelerated 7 week online-only class, so it feels like 2 classes. I've been grading constantly through 2 weekends now. I'm tired.

The reason I have pretty much only posted Defiant for the last 5 weeks or so is because the three hours per week that I spend working on the next chapter was all the writing time I have when my teaching load gets this heavy. For the last 2 weeks, I haven't even had that.

I could sit here and start work on Chapter 24. I have it outlined, and I'm done grading for 2 of my 5 classes. I've even submitted those 2 classes to the registrar.

I'm tired, though. I think that I might just cry a little bit if I tried to be entertaining. The fiction muse is just not here because I've been so jammed up with grading and prepping the online course environments for next semester.

I'm going to go run a few dozen turns on Civilization V and then drink a beer. You'll get the final 3 chapters of Defiant before the new year. If you're really lucky, I'll drop a paperback version of Mirror Project by then, too. If not, then you'll get Mirror Project after the first of the year.

Of course, if you're impatient, you could always click on the cover image to the right and buy it for your electronic reading device. I'm sure it's carbon neutral or whatever.

I'm tired.

Also, I'm putting up a tip jar soon. If you want to help me find more time to write, you'll be able to tip me to spend more time on the blog. If I make enough to actually be able to afford to cut back to a merely-full-time teaching load, I might even be inclined to blog every weekday.

Sorry if this sounds like a down-and-out bummer of a post, but I wanted to stress that Defiant is not being abandoned and it's not being forgotten, I'm just tired.