Friday, December 13, 2013

Environments Like Pollock Taken Literally (A Poem)

Defiant will be up later this weekend. For now, I offer you this. - MSMjr.

I scatter words
like droplets from
an overloaded brush
spatter syllables across
an expanse too clean
for grammar's expectations
and seek to share sensory
impressions despite
feeling them as abstractions.

The syntax of my
gestures finds it falls
on deaf ears when I
do not reign in instinct;
people I wish would
comprehend need
translation I can not
always find. I paint
pictures that to them
look like Pollock planted
protrusions of his own
patterns in my mind.

Painstaking restraint
is needed; the hard edge
of rhetoric turning the
untainted images of my
interior landscape into
bids for freedom by forcing
thoughts with names but not
fixed positions into orbits
prescribed by people,
good people, who nonetheless
lack the ability to appreciate
rogue astral bodies.

Craft grows; verbal topiary.
Impressive, but only for
the brutality of its training,
and those who appreciate
the work done to reach them
through means dubbed
representational and real
laud naturalistic training,
never suspecting a truth
that would undermine
their smug expectations:

That this is no naturalism,
but contrived theatrics
designed to pierce veils
created through rote lessons.
Only when grammar breaks
can true relationships take shape.

Spattered drops of sound
would be my realism,
and yet, those who seek
to feed themselves
on my assonance
see only the avant garde
in a literal impression
of screams floating downwind
toward the ears of 
first responders
too busy watching dispatch
to hear the distress
in the street beneath
their open windows.

Some days my silence
is not a break; some ideas
take too much effort
to translate. Painting
in media usually reserved
for recording history
is problematic at best,
and sometimes tiring,
occasionally rising
to a Sisyphean
blocking all progress,
breaking the canvas,
requiring rest,
and forcing the unfiltered
naked processes
of the artist
into the spotlight
usually reserved for his work.