Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reviewing _Infinity_ by Samantha Macy

So I'm officially at the point in my life where I have friends who are also publishing. I have friends who are also publishing themselves, and I have friends who are both much older and much younger than me, and they are all starting to realize that publishing and distribution are malleable objects. That they can use their design savvy and social media management experience to spread the word.

That this does not have to be our parents' literary environment.

I'm happy to introduce you to one of those friends today. Her name is Samantha Macy, and she has started releasing her short fiction under the title Infinity. So far, there are two issues. The first one, the one I read for this review, is about "new experiences, a person who drinks too much, and dying."

Samantha's style is less baroque than mine, and her details rely more on connecting to the audience's everyday life and well of stored experience. Her chops are evident, though--carefully pruned sentences slide by as you immerse yourself in the environments that she evokes in each of her vignettes. The lack of well-defined (read: named) participants in each story is at first bewildering, but as you re-read, it becomes a thing, a way the narrator's perception works.

A vaguely unsettling truth about the way most of us label our environment.

I can't recommend Samantha's work enough. Pick up Infinity: Issue One for yourself and see. Infinity releases four times per year, and each issue appears to have a very different theme. The price is pay-as-you-will, so if you're short on cash this week you can always grab the first issue to sample it and then overpay for the second one.

Me? I like the work enough to overpay for both.

Purchase on Gumroad: Issue One | Issue Two
On Smashwords: Issue One | Issue Two