Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Got a Job! (And other news)

Sorry I haven't been posting much for the last two weeks. Things have been a little bit hectic on the other side of the computer screen for the last little bit. I've had some wonderful opportunities this month, including both a fairly large web design project and a new job offer, and I've had some challenges--most notably, my partner Liz's recent seizure episode.

For about the last 10-12 days, helping Liz through that rough spot has been my focus, so I haven't been able to blog a lot. Today, though, she seems to be fully recovered... or at least, she has recovered fully enough that she's not asking me for a lot of extra help, so I do have time to write. That's good, because I do want to get further ahead of my production schedule before Imaginary Friends starts up in a week. Right now, I have six chapters in the can. I'm hoping to get up to ten before I start the run.

In addition to the work I'm doing here and on Imaginary Friends, I have also started writing for a news site! Fans of Shaping Clay will be able to find my work on The Inquisitr starting today. It's a job writing up headline news, so don't expect me to stay within my normal realm of social justice/creative writing/neurodiversity topics.

The new position does complicate things a little for Shaping Clay subscribers, though. I can't reblog my entire articles from The Inquisitr to this platform--I'm only allowed to post a preview paragraph and a link. As a result, Shaping Clay subscribers will not receive my Inquisitr articles in the mail, even though I will be posting previews and links. You'll still get all the other content that I create specifically for this site, but if you want to receive articles from Inquisitr, you'll need to sign up for their newsletter by subscribing on the site.

I'm looking forward to the experience that this new gig will bring me. The company has a wonderful training and mentorship program and I plan on working my butt off during this initial internship/training period in the hopes that they'll want to keep me on. My initial screening/orientation period has been very welcoming, and I can see myself growing with them. I hope they feel the same way.