Friday, May 30, 2014

Thank You! (Indiegogo Recap)

Hi everyone,

First of all, I want to thank all of you who contributed to the campaign for Imaginary Friends. During the campaign, we raised nearly $500 to help with the expenses surrounding the production of the book. Unfortunately, that was well below the stated goal of $3,200. Because of this, the web serial will have to run at a more leisurely pace, since I will have to continue to bid on other work in order to keep the lights on while I write.

While the campaign did not fully fund itself, I am quite happy to report that it was only my living expenses that we failed to raise. The extra funds you donated were sufficient to cover the book design, editing, distribution, and approximately 2 months' worth of advertising when the book comes out.

During this campaign, I realized that part of the issue with the Indiegogo platform is that it does not accommodate rolling web serials easily. Because of that, I will not be using it again. Instead, I would like to recommend that people wishing to support this blog sign up for a subscription. Subscriptions will get you every new post on Shaping Clay in your inbox, complimentary electronic copies of all ebooks that I release during the life of your subscription, and also paperback copies of any books that I release after your subscription turns 90 days old. I am also considering joining Patreon so that readers who want to contribute less than $5 a month (or readers who do not want the books) have a way to show their support.

In the meantime, I have some work ahead of me. If your donation to me included any perks that need to be delivered, then this is the information you need to know. Here's the order I will be working in:

1. By the middle of next week, I will post the introduction to Imaginary Friends. On Friday, June 6, the first chapter will be released. After that, chapters will go live every week on Friday evening, between 5pm and 8pm.

2. Between now and June 14, I will be assembling the ebook distribution for Nothing is Right and Mirror Project. I need to double-check the formatting for my DRM-free versions, but then we will be good to go. Anyone whose perk involves those two books will receive them by June 14.

3. By June 30, I will be releasing Mirror Project in paperback. There will be a Goodreads giveaway for a week before the book releases. Subscribers should receive their copies during the first week of July (at the latest). Everyone else can buy one through the "Books" link here (or at Amazon and other paperback book retailers) starting on July 1.

4. During July, I will be putting together the compiled paperback/ebook version of Defiant. Because of that, the last day that Defiant will be available on Shaping Clay will be June 30. For Defiant, I will be releasing on Smashwords and simultaneously. Smashwords extended distribution should bring it to the Apple, Google, and Kobo stores (as well as other outlets in their network) shortly after that. I will also be releasing the paperback for Defiant alongside the ebook versions, with a Goodreads give-away. Ebook distribution for the perks that included Defiant will happen by July 30.

5. During August, I will be fulfilling any/all perks that involve commissioned writing. I will also be finishing up the primary drafting on Imaginary Friends during this month.

6. Once I have finished the primary writing on Imaginary Friends, I will be immediately going into the formatting/editing process for the ebook and paperback. Once I have finalized each chapter and then assembled the final book version, I will be fulfilling all of the Imaginary Friends ebook and paperback perks. I will not be releasing the book version via retail platforms until after the run of the book on my blog finishes, but I will be sending out Indiegogo and subscription copies as soon as they are ready.

There are a couple of other short projects--chapbooks, collections of work that has appeared elsewhere, etc.--that might pop up during this time, too. They are not necessarily on the calendar, but they are short enough projects that I will fit them in while I am waiting on a turn-around of some of this scheduled work. Don't be surprised if there is an additional Kindle Single or pay-what-you-will chapbook at some point. Don't be waiting with bated breath, either. The new job at The Inquisitr is keeping me a little bit busy, and I'm enjoying the heck out of it.

All right, I'm done blathering about financial matters and grand schemes. The next thing you'll see on this blog will either be a roundup of my Inquisitr articles for the week or a poem. I haven't decided which one yet.