Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Advertising on Shaping Clay

Hi everyone,

I hope you've been enjoying the first section of Imaginary Friends. I'm running a bit ahead of you right now--I'm staying steadily 4-5 posts from my next deadline, and I've been having one hell of a good time writing it.

You might notice that some of the page elements here on Shaping Clay have been moving around. While I work on my stories and on launching the new Neurotropes Blog, I've been playing with some options for Shaping Clay's future. To be honest, as much as I love Blogger, I might be heading over to Wordpress soon.

Part of these changes are about making the blog easier to monetize. It wasn't an issue when I first started, but now that a significant portion of my work week centers around prepping and delivering my creative work on this platform, I have to have something other than book sales to rely on, and fundraisers aren't the best thing to use as backup.

Because of this, I'm starting to play with advertising for the site. Right now, we're using Google Adsense with a basic 3 ad structure, but I am looking at other options that might pay more as well.

Since I am hosting 3rd party ads now, I do want everyone to know that I am willing to sell ad space directly on the site. I will reject ads from quack cures or scammy/spammy looking companies, but I am interested in working with other authors, publishing services sites, and programs/services for autistic adults.

As part of this move toward advertising, I would also like to say that I will offer 4 weeks of free advertising to any nonprofit, conference, or activist network that is led by a board that is at least 51% autistic. Just let me know what your event/program/petition is and provide me with a 250X250 graphic and I will code your ad into place. These free ads will be located below my paid ad but above my blog archives on the LH side of the blog.

I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone, but the time has come for it. Neurotropes is already ad supported, and the next step is to submit it to several resyndication services that will preserve the ads. This way, other news sites and article aggregators can carry reposts from Neurotropes for free, but we (my partner and I) can retain our ad revenue.

If you want to read without ads or other distractions, you can always support the blog by purchasing a subscription. Subscribers receive every post via email (including this one, even though it doesn't affect them), as well as copies of all the ebooks that I release during their subscription and all of the paperbacks that I release after the first 90 days of their subscription has passed.


Michael Scott Monje Jr.