Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mirror Project Is Officially Available As A #Paperback #Book

My new shipment of paperbacks came in today.
Image is of them stacked on my kitchen table.
Would you take a look at this?

My copies of Mirror Project came in just before the holiday delivery delay. And there are some extra copies of Nothing is Right, too.

If you'd like to buy either book directly from me, you can use the Paypal buttons in this post and on the Books page to purchase them. There is a place in the checkout form to request a dedication if you wish. Otherwise, the books will be signed with "Thank you for your support."

If you are a Shaping Clay subscriber, I've already packed up your copy of Mirror Project to ship out, but I will not be able to send them until Tuesday. If you want to add a copy of Nothing is Right to it, I can give you $2 off as a rebate after checkout, but I need to know by noon on Tuesday, Sept. 2 if you're doing this..

If I owe you a copy of Nothing is Right as an Indiegogo perk, I will not be able to ship it out until I can bundle it with Imaginary Friends due to cost constraints. They will ship together as a set when I get my author's copies of Imaginary Friends.

Right now, I have 15 uncommitted copies of Mirror Project on hand and 9 of Nothing is Right. If I sell out, I'm going to immediately re-order, and I will be communicative about how this affects the shipping time. While copies are on-hand, I can ship within 2 business days, and I will be using USPS Media Mail.

Book descriptions are available on the Books page. Purchase options are both there and below.

Nothing is Right - Signed Paperback $12 USD (List price + $2.01 shipping/handling)

Nothing is Right is also available in ebook format from and Smashwords

* * *

Mirror Project - Signed Paperback $10 USD (List price + $2.01 shipping/handling)

Mirror Project is also available as an ebook from and Smashwords.

* * *

Both books - $18 USD (Free shipping)

* * *

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