Monday, September 1, 2014

One More Thing (A Waking Narrative)

There's a thing that I have been working on while I was coming to terms with myself. It's happened in fits and starts and pieces have worked their way into my other work, both in poetry and in my fiction, while I have been holding this back and working it.

I'm done working it now. This is a piece of fiction, and it is exactly the total amount of words that I have for this topic right now, so I am not taking questions. I'm  just sharing.

It's called "A Waking Narrative," and it is available as a pay-what-you-choose novella-length ebook through Smashwords. (Update: The whole point of this being pay-what-you-choose is to give access to people who want to read it but can't afford ebooks right now without making it "free" because that attracts marketeers and dillholes. Since it can be gotten for free, that's why I didn't sent it to my subscribers. Don't be shy.)

Please give it a look.

Click Here to go to the Smashwords listing.