Friday, May 29, 2015

Defiant is here! (#Book release time!)

Well, Amazon went and released Defiant ahead of schedule, which was unexpected. Luckily, Autonomous Press had an advance order on hand, so we were able to match them by getting our storefront up and running ahead of schedule. And guess what? Unlike Amazon, our storefront has the ebook in stock early too.

When you buy directly from Autonomous Press's store, every paperback copy comes with an archival ebook edition, and every ebook copy comes with a download link that has no limits, no DRM, and three of the top ebook formats for you to choose from.

If you missed Defiant's run as a web serial and you want to read a bit before you order up, don't worry--I will be releasing some excerpted chapters over the next few weeks. And if you're missing Imaginary Friends, it will be up tomorrow.

For today, though? Consider clicking through to grab yourself a copy of Defiant, and you can get reading right away while the paperback makes its way to you. Don't just take my word for it, though. Check out what the early reviewers had to say:

“Defiant is a book that will make you hurt. And it should. But it will also make you cheer for its protagonist, Clay Dillon. Clay’s move from compliance to defiance, from heteronormative and allistic performance to honesty and inner strength, is narrated in clear, stunning, and revelatory language.” 
— N.I. Nicholson, author of Novena (remixed) and Editor-in-Chief of Barking Sycamores

“In Defiant, Michael Scott Monje Jr. has created an authentic portrait of life as an autistic adult. The questions that Clay Dillon struggles with in the wake of his diagnosis—questions of disability, mental health and gender identity—will be familiar to autistic readers, especially those diagnosed as adults.
Michael deftly navigates Clay’s exploration of the shifting boundaries of disclosure and his struggles to balance his personal and professional lives, bringing both insight and unflinching honesty to the narrative. While Defiant is part of the Clay Dillon series, it works equally as well as a stand alone novel.” 
Cynthia Kim, author of I Think I Might Be Autistic and Nerdy, Shy, and Socially Inappopriate

“For many of us a late-in-life autism diagnosis asks as many questions as it answers. Defiant takes a bare bones approach in speaking to readers from that very angle. Monje drops us like a bomb in the thick of things and yells, “Go!”
Clay Dillon, a newly diagnosed adult coming to terms with what being disabled means on both personal and professional levels is such a realistic and relatable character, and Monje writes him beautifully. I’m in!” 
S.R. Salas, author of Black and White: A Colorful Look at Life on the Autism Spectrum

Need a little more? Here's what you're in for:

Clay Dillon is neuroqueer, and he needs to make peace with it. After thirty years, he finally knows the truth: that he is and always has been autistic, and that most of his problems getting along came from a lack of awareness of himself a lack that came not from being autistic, but from having no knowledge of the gap between what he knew of his own needs and what others expected them to be. This is changing, though, and the change brings a freedom that is at once great and terrible. It grants him answers, but it also alters his ways of perceiving himself. Feelings that were dismissed at puberty are rushing to the forefront of his perceptions, and Clay is beginning to question what his desires are, and even who he is, as his world shifts around him. 

Check it out:

Cover of Defiant, featuring the title and author's name, as well as the image of a fist broken open at a busted knuckle, with all the shapes of the world pouring out of the gap.