Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's time to accept you can end them

Apparently we need round two
because I didn't manage to get through to you
when I took to lecturing about the way you need to fight.
Maybe now it will sink in, since election night
made sure your rights had been taken by other whites,
but the first battle is to accept the fact:
you were never safe and always under attack.

It's time to accept that they hate you,
because when I told you it in the beginning you said you did,
but then you still let yourself call the enemy friend,
and now you are reaping what happens
when the friend you accept works toward your end.
I am betrayed by more than my bigoted community,
I am betrayed by activists who preach unity,
I am betrayed by lectures against violence preaching harmony,
and I am betrayed by practically everybody
whose body hasn't had to be modified to be
tolerable to their emotional being.

It's time to accept that they hate you,
and it runs deeper than you ever knew it did,
there are no hearts and minds to win,
and it's time you learned a lesson, kid:
You are a carnivore and you will always have to kill to win.
They wouldn't let you be otherwise,
so guess what has to happen to them?
I will give you a hint, if you want to live,
then it rhymes with "untimely end."
They sent a message, they aren't here to share society,
so if we are going to get free, we have to get hungry,
we have to look into their windows and see something
other than humanity. They wanted to exclude us?
They become our feed.

It's time to accept that they hate you,
and what it means, and where that leads,
and that means following leads that give you 
resources that let you cloak your technology,
or else ways to start fires where no one will see,
preventable medical errors that end hate
in hospital hallways...
They always said there weren't enough resources,
then they made sure their predictions were accurate,
so if that's how it is, I will take theirs
even if it means reducing the demand until I am
in the group that gets access.
Goodnight white pride, it's time you died,
and I am done protecting the rights of other whites,
you only vote for me to be dead.
What happens next is on your head.

It's time to accept that they hate you,
so you can't afford to do less to them.
The time has come to take up arms,
you were born into it.
What does that mean for me?
Being a white queer woman with a transgender identity?
Multiply disabled? Developmentally, cognitively, emotionally, neurologically?
It means it is only rational for me to see
that the creation of more disabled bodies tips the vote to me.
And in the current environment there is only one place that conclusion leads.
So grab me, look for the pussy,
I will relocate to stand your ground states
and then I will be your ending.
And assault me in a bathroom,
closed head injuries are wounds
that leave you neurodivergent too.

It's time to accept that they hate you,
and if you can't master the will to kill,
you can still get forceful enough to make a convert
to one of us, to throw them under their own bigot's
bus, to cause the missing work that lapses their
coverage and makes them need Medicare access.

It is time to expand our ranks, 
because we may not be able to actually make you gay,
and being transgender is beyond a physicality,
but there are a few easy ways
to make you dependent on the safety net too,
and when we do, you will be obliged to fight for our rights,
because they will be yours and there will be
NOTHING you can do.

White cis able-bodied straight neurotypicality did this to all of us,
it's time to accept you can end them.
There's one privilege in the dynamic that easily changes.

Athena Lynn Michaels-Dillon