What Michael Offers

Michael's presentation style and content work to shape their experiences around family conflict, disability, education, and artistic creation into multi-layered, critical discussions about diversity and accessibility. They are available for a variety of events, including:

Training and Professional Development
Michael uses your members' (and employees') existing knowledge of best practices in communication and leadership theory to show how easily the courteous and direct tone cultivated by effective managers can be cultivated into something much more ambitious: A forward-thinking design aesthetic that can be applied equally to policy, communication, and the physical environment your organization thrives in. The practice is called Universal Design, and it goes well beyond curb cuts.

Depending on the location and time, Michael can read and discuss their poetry, fiction, or nonfiction essays with an appropriate process-based talkback designed to help other writers and artists access their creative flow in new and exciting ways. They can also discuss the way that their experience of language acquisition and their difficulties with speech affected the development of their written communication style, and what non-autistic writers can learn by studying the processes of a neurodiverse group of writing influences.

Michael is also available to lead studio and workshop writing classes, either as single seminars or as a writer-in-residence with your organization. With exercises that pull together multiple areas of writing technique to discuss how meaning emerges from the complex pattern of events in narrative, their practice-oriented and positive teaching methods are designed to foster brainstorming and to teach writing as the process of making decisions and arranging concepts, rather than as a mechanical task involving syntax and grammar.

Watch as your employees, students, and colleagues discover that their critical approach and quality control over the mechanics of their writing improve through their lack of emphasis on those aspects of the writing while they create. It's hard to imagine how it works until you see it.

Guest Posts and Articles
Michael will work with you to develop content for your site, publication, or organizational newsletter that reflects any of the topics, values, or conversations outlined in their work in a way that suits the individual needs of your publication. Rates and turn-around times vary depending on the engagement.

Please send queries about rates or scheduling to michaelscott at neurotropes dot com.